Contact Details

Sean Hamill
General Manager 

Address      PO Box 969, Dunedin, 9016, New Zealand
Landline (03) 425-9282
Cellphone (021) 949-052

Media Enquiries

For media enquiries, please contact Media Officer Morgan Jarvis at, or 027 2829 347.

General Enquiries

For general enquiries, please contact us by sending an e-mail via the contact form on the right, or simply use the contact information above. Remember to insert your e-mail address to enable us to contact you. 

Please do NOT send player applications via this webmail. 

Player Applications

Please follow the correct procedure for Player Applications to prevent your Player Application being rejected

Address for Player Applications
Please send player applications only by e-mail to:   Player Applications sent via Southern United Facebook page or website will not be considered. 

Player Application Documents
Player applications are required to include a headshot photograph, cover letter and a CV / Resume.  Merely sending information such as which club players currently play for, how tall a player is and which position a player plays does not supply the Head Coach with sufficient information to assess a player. 

Please therefore adhere to sending the correct and required documentation with your player application. Thank you.

Additional Information
Players are encouraged to send any other documentation or items (such as links to films, etc) which they consider will be necessary for a successful application.   

Procedure for Player Applications Received
All player applications received by Southern United FC will immediately be forwarded to the Head Coach for consideration and a response directly to the interested player. 

Time Difference
Players are requested to check the time difference between their country of origin and New Zealand to ensure that they do not telephone Southern United FC at unreasonable times during the night. Thank you.

1)  Please do NOT send player applications and enclosures by cellphone
2)  Please do NOT apply via Southern United FC website webmail
3)  Please do NOT apply via Southern United FC Facebook page 

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