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SUFC v Team Wellington

Sunday January 26th, Forsyth Barr Stadium Dunedin

Post Match Chat with Southern United Coach, Luiz Uehara and Player of the Day, Morgan Day

Can you give me your thoughts on the game today Luiz?

I'm very happy with the performance today and obviously one point is one point, it's better than nothing. I think we improved a lot compared to what we played last week and we created a lot of chances.

To us watching in the stand it seemed like a heart stopping game, what were your thoughts at the end there?

I thought wow, if people don't enjoy that kind of football it's not for them, I think it was very entertaining as well, both teams created a lot of chances so from a coach point of view, we tried to calm down but even so the heart rate was really up. I'm very proud... we've been training well and there's a lot of room for improvement for us, but I think today I am very happy with the boys and they try hard and try to play a good form of football and create chances so I'm very happy.

CHAT With midfielder and Player of the Day, Morgan Day.

Hi Morgan, congratulations on getting Player of The Day, can you tell me how you thought the game went?

I think in the first half we played fairly well we got the goal early on ( after I minute and 58 secs!) but it sort of took us about ten minutes to get into it but after that we kept the ball and it was a fairly even game then and we created one or two chances.

I came to the game late, just on ten minutes in and I was surprised to see the score was already 1 all.

Yeah I thought 1 nil was a great start and then they scored and I thought they might go on with it, but it changed the game and we relaxed a wee bit and knocked the ball around well and created a lot of chances.

Was there a strategy before the game, did the coach have a plan for you?

Yeah the plan is to attack. We get a lot of chances on the break, we've got some quick players, but today we realised we were running into trouble so we knew we had to play it back and around, which made a huge difference.

How did you rate your own game?

Not too bad, I sort of went out of the game in the second half and we were chasing it a lot, but the first half I was reasonably happy.

In the second half, Wellington came out and were all over us for a bit there for the first 15 minutes or so and it seemed they had more pace and energy, would you agree?

Yeah, I think so, they definitely upped the tempo and I found that also the first time we played them as well...they play differently than a lot of the other teams. They're full on and in your face, rather than other sides who like to knock it around, these guys are all out attack. We defended well though and we'had Sam Mepham and  Cam Atwood making some good last ditch tackles and keeper Tom Batty had a good game as well.

When fullback Matt Joy came off, no disrespect at all to Matt, we didn't loose anything in the back.

No we didn't, Sam slotted straight in there and won a few tackles early on and Matt was obviously a huge loss with his experience, but it didn't seem to affect us too much today which is good.

The last fifteen minutes when you were in their goalmouth, it was just heart stopping stuff, how did you guys see it?

Yeah it was a bit back and the the final few minutes we created a couple of chances, could have stolen it if we had been a wee bit luckier, but I think we were pretty happy with the draw... It almost feels like a win but they definitely had their chances to win the game.