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Tuesday Training - Chat with Tom Batty

Hi Tom, can you tell us Southern United fans about your playing background?

I'm obviously from Christchurch. As a youngster I played at Nomads United and made my 1st Team debut at Woolston Tech at the time, so I had to change over as Jordon Buchanan was at Nomads and he was national league keeper as well. I played really well that season then made Canterbury United that same season, which was my first season in senior football in the national league. I was in Canterbury United for four years then came here.

Great! What brought you to Dunedin?

My partner now fiancé got a job at Dunedin Hospital as a speech therapist, so I made the trip down as well, got a job myself and here I am.

Was that before this current season or have you played a winter season here?

Yep I play for Dunedin Tech, so this was February last year so I've been here a year now.

Are you enjoying it?

Yeah I'm loving it. Everyone's real good, the football's nice, everyone's nice

What about your time with the team so far. From what we've seen you've had an awesome season in goal though the scores might not always reflect that?

Oh I know what you mean.. the guys are awesome, we're all around the same age, we're a young squad and everyone gets along really well and there's some great guys there and some great talent as well. And as far as the scores go, we probably don't have the depth of squad to compete with the top teams week in week out. We all have to play well to be competitive. If a couple of us don't have a good game, it really shows and we don't have the depth to compete if we don't play well.

How do you rate your own form this season? 

I think I'm going alright. I'd say its probably one of the best seasons Ive had at national league and that's mainly for the amount of work I'm doing - obviously its good training for me and good practise in the game if I'm super busy, no disrespect to the team or anything, you always get busy no matter what team you're playing. Yeah, Ive been loving it!

Everyone has certainly loved watching you play, you've pulled off some spectacular saves out of nowhere?

Yeah yeah, sometimes you just put yourself in the right spot and more often than not when you don't even move the ball hits you.

You've been playing really well and its been a pleasure watching you play. Good luck for the rest of the season. 

Cool thanks