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Chat with Midfielder Aajay Cunningham

You played the game against Canterbury last weekend, how did you see the game?

Yeah I thought we played alright in the first half, we started strongly and created a few chances but I guess then after the break we just didn't come out very well and started pretty slowly and made a few bad mistakes and they got on top of us really. I think they stepped up a notch and we went down. They started to control the game and it was an uphill battle for us.

Traditionally they are always tough, intense games against Canterbury aren't they?

Yeah they are and I think in the first half we matched that intensity and we came out strong but I think in the second half that's probably where they did get on top of us with their movement and intensity and I guess especially in the derby, if you don't match that you come out at the wrong end.

Who was Player of The Day?

Cam Attwood, he played really well at the back, he's always consistent.

How did you rate your own game?

In the first half I went alright but in the second I had a bit of a shocker, made a few bad mistakes, one which lead to the goal which was disappointing, so plenty to improve on before next time