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Mid-week catch up with SUFC

Mid week catch up with Southern United Manager, Neil Glover. 4/02/2014 with Marcel

Hi Neil, the game on Sunday against Canterbury in Christchurch by all accounts sounded pretty intense, I wasn't there but was it that intense?

Yeah very. I think Canterbury is one of those teams where we have, I wouldn't say a 'friendly 'rivalry (lots of laughter). It's a bit like NZ and Australia isn't it, I mean, we're there to beat them, but anyone else would be there to support them.

I think they're obviously more experienced. I thought our fitness level was greater than theirs. There were just moments when they walked to the sideline but our boys were running all the time, so that showed the level of fitness and enthusiasm for keeping the game going.

Canterbury scored both goals in the second half is that correct?

Yeah from memory in the 43rd and 57th minute, something like that, in relatively quick succession. The second one, I don't think our keeper Tom could have done very much to save it, but you know the first half was definitely a game of two halves. In the first half I thought that whilst we didn't have many opportunities we were certainly at the right end of the field all of the time, and there was pressure but generally the boys played their hearts out.

They certainly did that the week before against Wellington which was an awesome game, do you think they carried with that approach from that game.

I think so. You know, at two down I didn't see any heads drop and they're developing that 'carry on regardless' thing and I guess getting towards the end of the season some of them may be getting a little tired. But I never saw any de-motivational aspects at all.

There are two games this week, Auckland in Auckland on Waitangi Day and WaiBop on Sunday at home.

That's putting a lot of pressure on and so the WaiBOp preparation is Thursday against Auckland.

This will be a good test for the lads I guess and for Luiz and yourself with fitness and ensuring the right combinations to last both games.

There's all that plus all the injuries we've got, its just good to see other players stepping up to the mark and so that's testimony to the fitness level and the attitude of the lads.

Thanks for time Neil and good luck for the two games